The Day After a Drunken Night of Cuddle/Hooking-Up with a Girl Guidelines!

  • DO ignore the girl in public and act as if she is poop you only want to wipe off the bottom of your shoes.
  • DON’T make eye contact with her at all costs
  • DO say hi to her roommate who you took to your formal instead of her. Meanwhile, ignore the hell out her. Her existence is not real.
  • DON’T let her know you remember her name. She will be hot on your heels then!
  • DO avoid her. Run if you have to.
  • DON’T invite her to the house because she will expect the same thing that happened last time.
  • DO forget that you have balls.
  • DON’T pretend that you ever had any.
  • DO rush her out of the house because she does not belong there at all costs.
  • DO: Be an asshole.
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